The starting Weight Watchers List

Weight has always been an issue in my life. Ever since I can recall. Long story short: I’ve done it all, tried it all and hated it all. The only thing that seems to stick is the Weight Watchers plan. I’ve been in and out for the last few years since joining in my first year of college.

Here’s my 101 list if you are thinking about joining.

  • Figure out why you want to lose weight: It could be your health, feeling better about yourself, giving use to all those shorts that are in your closet… Whatever the reason may be, keep it clear. That will be your motivation and what will push you to reach your goals.
  • Join either online or go to a meetings. I’ve done both and for me the Online Community is more that amazing when it comes to ideas, inspiration and motivation.
  • SCAN EVERYTHING YOU EAT – it’s fun and scary. Realizing that a bag of “healthy snacks” is 10 pts per serving will keep you shook and untrusting of everything you eat.
  • Pace yourself and figure out your triggers for going off track. For me, it’s emotional eating. Using food as a reward when I’ve done something good or when I’m feeling down.
  • Weigh yourself ONLY on Weigh-In Day.
  • Don’t be discouraged. Some weeks hold big losses and others small or you stay the same. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED BY THIS. Follow your path and keep your goal in mind.
  • Prep the key things – In my case chopping a lot of veggies and having my breakfast all ready to go in the morning help me keep on track.
  • Get inspiration from the amazing WW Instagram community. Some of my favorite ladies:
    • @BalencedMissBailey
    • @Rashida.on.WW
    • @Cheeseandcardio
    • @WWlyfe
    • @Linz_Fitnfab_WW
    • @Christina_WW_Thing1

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