On my binge list – July

On the Netflix / Hulu front this are some of the things in my current rotation:

  • Jane The Virgin – watching the 3rd season as you read. This is one of those shows that legit surprised me on another level. How they integrate the voice of latinos in Miami with the rhythm of the Novela storytelling while including the structure of literature floors me. Don’t dismiss this show!


  • Gilmore Girls – re watching this for the 3rd official time. This show is my favorite ever and not only because it includes one of my favorite TV characters of all time. #TeamJess!


  • The Handmaid’s Tale – Elisabeth Moss needs all of the awards for this portrayal. It kind pisses me off that I didn’t read the book before watching the series. 


  • Friends from College – this one we devoured in one sitting. Mostly because we were bored on a Friday night and mostly because I’ll watch Cobie Smulders in anything  she does. It’s a pretty annoying show about elitist annoying people that insist in being friends after graduating from Harvard 20 years ago. But it will fill the void for something to watch. 



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